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Puppy Manners group training classes are designed for people just like you! We have been raising the bar for the family dog for over a decade. You probably don't really want a show dog—but a "show off" dog would be great! We offer free-play sessions in Puppaccino and Star-Barks which helps the dogs "get their beans out" and after free-play we get to work! These are great opportunities for you to put your dog in "real-world" situations while remaining in a controlled environment, allowing you to train your dog and establish the relationship and leadership you'll need with your dog when you go out in public... Did someone mention Starbucks!?! With your well-behaved dog, you can order a latté, sit relaxed at the café table without having your dog embarrass you!
Please sit back and enjoy the photos on our Group Training Photo Album. See anyone you know? We post new pictures here all the time so check back often!
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*Free email and phone support offered to all students during their enrollment.
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HOLIDAY BREAK: There will be no classes from November 24 through November 30 inclusive. The session will extend one week to allow for observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.
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Current Class Schedule
Training Classes
Puppy JumpstartFr9:30 AM - 11:00 AMNov 1, 20193$225George Chaney
Tatyana Barnes
Crystal Creek
Wait List
[Puppy Kindergarten]
We10:00 AM - 11:00 AMOct 30, 20195$250George Chaney
Crystal Creek
Wait List
[Puppy Kindergarten]
We6:00 PM - 7:00 PMOct 30, 20195$250George Chaney
Tatyana Barnes
Crystal Creek
Wait List
[Puppy Kindergarten]
Sa10:00 AM - 11:00 AMNov 2, 20195$250Becky Bishop
David Bishop
Crystal Creek
Wait List
Star-Barks 101
[Beyond Puppyhood]
We11:30 AM - 12:00 PMOct 30, 20196$275George Chaney
Crystal Creek
Wait List
Star-Barks 101
[Beyond Puppyhood]
We7:30 PM - 8:30 PMOct 30, 20196$275George Chaney
Tatyana Barnes
Crystal Creek
Wait List
Star-Barks 101
[Beyond Puppyhood]
Fr11:30 AM - 12:30 PMNov 1, 20196$275George Chaney
Tatyana Barnes
Crystal Creek
Wait List
Star-Barks 101
[Beyond Puppyhood]
Sa11:30 AM - 12:30 PMNov 2, 20196$275Becky Bishop
David Bishop
Crystal Creek
Wait List
Seattle's Best Dogs
[Real World Applications]
Tu11:00 AM - 12:00 PMOct 29, 20196$275George Chaney
Crystal Creek
Wait List
There are no events or seminars scheduled at this time.
There are no specialty classes scheduled at this time.
You may register ONLINE or via US POST. You may pay ONLINE via PayPal. You may also pay via PERSONAL CHECK. If you choose to pay via credit card, you may use PayPal. When you register for a group class online, you will see a link to PayPal. If you wish to use PayPal to pay your tuition, simply follow the instructions to use your credit card. Thank you! The "Online" registration link on the left of this page will take you to our registration page. NOTE: A $5.00 charge is assessed for all cancellations. Receipt of payment assures your reservation for the class. Class registration fees are not refundable, transferable or pro-rated.
Puppy Manners training classes are much like college classes at a university. Your tuition reserves a seat for you in a specific class held on a specific set of days and at specific times. If you do not attend, no matter what the reason, you are not entitled to any refund or transfer of tuition to another class or day. We have very limited space and have a very tightly held classroom limit for students and dogs. Once a class session begins, that is, once the first class day has passed, we are unable to fairly sell your seat to someone else. No exceptions are possible. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us BEFORE you sign up to make sure you agree with and can abide by our policy. Thank you.
Here are some Very Special Pictures from one of our play times! A special THANKS to Mark Parris for his photo-journalistic contribution to our site!
For more advanced obedience and specialty classes we network with Katie Morrell at
For pet therapy classes and more, check out with Heather Rush.
Group Training Class FAQ's:

Please take note of your class location. Crystal Creek Farms
8902 222nd St SE
Woodinville, WA 98077-8049

Make your tuition checks out to:

Puppy Manners

and mail to:

PO Box 2569
Woodinville, WA 98072-2569

Intact male dogs over the age of 9 months must have prior permission from the instructor to attend Star-Barks group training classes. A sociability evaluation may be required before class if you are unsure of your dog's social skills. If your male dog is over the age of 9 months he may have restrictions placed upon him for the social play in class. Intact dogs over age 9 months may participate in class training exercises and as long as their behavior in social play is appropriate. If your dog is excused from play, we will find something positive for you to do during the 10 minutes of free play. If you are unsure of your dog's social skills with other dogs, please email so we can set up a meet-and-greet.
We do not accept aggressive dogs into group training classes. If your dog is aggressive toward people or other dogs, our classes are not a good fit. We are happy to work with you and your dog outside of our group training classes to get you the help you need. Please contact us so we can refer you to trainers who work with dogs with aggression. We would much rather help you find the right fit for you and your dog than have you come to class only to be excused. We partner with several trainers who work with aggressive dogs in a class room setting. Please email for a referral.
Rescue dogs: If you recently adopted your dog from a rescue agency or your dog is an adopted older dog from a breeder and you are unsure if your dog is okay with other dogs in social free play, please email us and we will arrange a social meet-up to determine if your dog is appropriate for our classes.

We endorse and encourage group play but free play during class time is weather-dependent.
Puppy Jumpstart [Good Thing, Small Package]
This is a class designed for new puppy dog owners and their puppies that are 8 – 20 weeks. If you just brought your puppy home - or even if you do not have your puppy yet - this seminar will put you in the right Express Lane with your pup!
Your whole pack is invited to come and enjoy watching your newest pack addition play and socialize with other puppies while learning how to best deal with the important things in life including housebreaking, biting, chewing, digging, and how to make it all stop! You will also learn how to pet your puppy in a way that will calm him. Yes, there are better ways to pet a dog! Come learn our secrets! During the seminar there will be a safe social play session. Even the way your puppy plays can tell you a lot about their personality. This is an issues-oriented class geared toward demonstrating all the benefits of crate training, potty bell training, establishing positive relationship and building a better bond with your puppy, soon to be a dog! We will also teach you good games and bad games as well as an exercise that will build an amazing trust with your puppy. We will also throw in a puppy trick or two!
It is very important to socialize your puppy as early as possible and this class will get you and your pup well on your way to being a first-rate "Star-Barks" team! Isn’t it the dream of all who live here in the Northwest to have a dog you can take to Starbucks confident he/she won’t embarrass you? This espresso, oops, I mean Express-O seminar has the added benefit of a compressed schedule for those who prefer a compact timeframe.
You have a new puppy, you have questions, and you will get all the answers to your questions in this informative and fun class.
Puppy must be vet checked for wellness prior to class and have a recent fecal test (within the last 60 days) with proof of results (the report) and be on treatment if the test is positive for parasites to participate in class activities. We encourage you to come with or without your puppy and get the canine educational experience that will help you at home with your puppy.
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Puppaccino [Puppy Kindergarten] (otherwise known as Mommy and me! Dads welcome of course!)
*No prerequisite classes required. If your dog is the right age, you may attend Puppaccino.
This is a class designed for puppies 8 - 20 weeks, (small and toy breeds up to 24 weeks). If your puppy is on the "border" age-wise, feel free to drop us an email so we can guide you into the right class. What? Your vet said your dog shouldn't be around other dogs? The unsafe things your vet is referring to include dog parks, public parks, the beach and other "unsafe" doggie areas where we don't have control of the dogs they meet or the environment to which they are exposed. All puppies in our classes have been vet checked and are current on their shots; it is a requirement for admission.
Puppy socialization is vital to your dog's overall healthy attitude. There is a prime "window of opportunity" to socialize a puppy and that window is prior to 16 weeks of age. So don't miss out! Many dogs end up in shelters due to the lack of socialization. Lack of socialization can cause many other issues such as aggression. So embrace every chance you see to socialize your pup!
Along with teaching your puppy sit, down and wait, you will learn how to handle your puppy's interaction with children - I call it "Good Games and Bad Games." You will be cautioned about games that children play which foster aggression. You will be encouraged to play alternative games that teach your dog good manners and build confidence. Of all the classes that are most important we think this class is it. You can't turn back the clock and socialize a puppy. Plus it's great fun for the whole family! It helps for families to hear the advice and coaching come from our experienced and humorous puppy coaches.
Puppy must be vet checked for wellness prior to class and have a recent fecal (within the last 60 days) with proof of results (the report) and be on treatment if the test is positive for parasites to participate in class activities. If your vet agrees, we would prefer that your puppy has a bordetella vaccine prior to class, but this is optional and the decision is up to you and your vet. Some vets like to give the Bordetella vaccine to pups AFTER 16 weeks of age. If your puppy has not had the first series of shots, you may still come to class without your puppy or bring your puppy and crate him during the socialized play period. As soon as your puppy receives the first series of shots, he may participate in the socialized play part of class. Some students prefer to leave their puppy home and come to class without their puppy and bring their puppy when he has his second vaccine. It's up to you. Many people come to class without the puppy. After all it's your lesson too!
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Star-Barks 101 [Beyond Puppyhood] (Family dog obedience, aka: The Teenage Years and Beyond)
There is no prerequisite for this class. All friendly and sociable dogs over the age of 4 months are welcome to enroll in Star-Barks 101; toy breeds over 5 months. (Toy breeds may take the Puppaccino class up to six months of age.) This class will help get you and your dog on the path to being a "Star-Barks Dog."
Isn't it the goal of all Seattle-ites to have a "Star-Barks" dog? It's the wonderful, well-behaved dog you see once in a while lying by a café table outside Starbucks, hangin' out with his family and not embarrassing them! You say to yourself, "I'd bring my dog if he were that good!" In this class, we will address all "family" dog issues such as jumping and mouthing along with basic commands such as sit, down, wait, stay, loose leash walking and last but not least good Café Star-Barks manners! Don't ever think that having a "Star-Barks Dog" is setting the bar too high for you and your best buddy!
Of course all work and no play makes for a stressed pup so there will be some free play for those dogs that enjoy a good romp! The added benefits are socialization for your dog and entertainment for you and your family! It's so fun to see our dogs have fun; we could all take a lesson from just watching dogs play!
This class is so fun, many people repeat it and continue to "polish" their dog's obedience. This class includes work on responding to your first command, dealing with "problem behaviors," proper placement on sits and downs, improving focus and attitude - plus, we coach YOU and build up YOUR skills and confidence as a handler. All Star-Barks dogs will be invited to attend a field trip to Starbucks at the conclusion of this class. Lattés are free, compliments of Invisible Fence Northwest! This field trip is in ADDITION to your regular classes. It's free and most of all it's fun. So plan to make this date with your Star-Barks Canine Companion and us!
If you are considering doing therapy dog work down the road this class would be of great benefit and we are happy to help you achieve that goal.
NOTE: Dogs with aggression issues must have prior permission from the instructor to attend.
NOTE: Certain breeds (examples: Pit Bulls, Akitas, Chow Chows) are not appropriate for our classes due to the socialized play. Some dogs are not social with other dogs so those dogs would not be a good fit as well. We want what is best for these dogs and we recommend Katie Morrell at Dogs In Progress for basic obedience for known aggressive breeds and dogs with aggression toward other dogs.
All dogs must be current on their vaccines including bordetella (kennel cough) and have a recent fecal (within the last 6 months) with proof of results (the report). No intact dogs over the age of 9 months.
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Seattle's Best Dogs [Real World Applications]
Ready to take the next step with your dog? Seattle's Best Dogs is specifically for students who have already taken Star-Barks 101 and are looking to work on more advanced subject matter. Our instructors individually tailor each session to meet the needs and skill levels of the dogs in that class, so each session is different. Through a series of games and exercises, we'll focus on things like leash work, distracted stays, faster responses and better recalls.
A local field trip will help us practice out in the real world, amid real-life distractions. Bring your sense of humor and a willingness to do your homework. By the end, you're sure to find that your dog is one of "Seattle's Best Dogs!"
All dogs must be current on their vaccines including bordetella (kennel cough) and have a recent fecal (within the last 60 days) with proof of results (the report). No intact dogs over the age of 9 months.
Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed Star-Barks 101 with Puppy Manners or have instructor approval.
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Get Along LITTLE Doggies (Socialized play for little puppies at the Puppy Manners Ranch!)
Being a student at Puppy Manners does have its privileges! If you are currently attending a Puppaccino class or you are currently enrolled in a future Puppaccino class you are eligible to attend the "Get Along LITTLE Doggies" events at the Puppy Manners Ranch. We prefer that you register and reserve your play spot but it's okay to pay as you play. Puppies must be less than 20 weeks of age to attend.
Ever hear of a "speakeasy?" That's what this is - well sort of! A "speakeasy" is an informal event where people gather and just talk, learn, and compare the good, the bad and the ugly with other puppy parents! That's the people part of this event. It's nice to get to know other puppy parents.
The puppy socializing is what's REALLY important. This is a chance for your puppy to become socialized so s/he will learn to get along with other puppies while being exposed to nice people and children. They may even have a chance to say “hi!” to our miniature horse, Mazie, or have a chance encounter with our two wonderful dog-friendly barn cats Hum and Bug! This great opportunity is for our currently enrolled students to get additional play time in a controlled environment. Trainers will be on hand to answer your questions about your puppy but, for the most part, this is all about fun for the puppies and their families.
Snacks are provided for people and pooches!
Puppies that are not in the Puppy Manners program may attend this event if they provide the proper vaccine records and clearance on fecal exam within the last 60 days.
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Healthy Paws Seminar [Nail Trimming Made Easier]
Trimming a dog's nails makes a lot of people nervous which can make a lot of dogs nervous. So many of us avoid it altogether or we often pay someone else to "do the deed" and we want to help take some of the pain out of trimming your dog's toenails. Our goal is to help you be more comfortable by sharing the tools available and the methods that will help you be more comfortable and have more confidence trimming dog's nails. While paying someone else to do the job is a fine alternative, rarely are the nails trimmed often enough or short enough. Many times just the tips of the nails are cut and much more could have been taken off. Educating yourself about your your dog's feet and the benefit of keeping his nails trimmed is so important. It's a necessary evil that needs to be addressed so your dog does not have to live with painful feet due to the lack of nail trimming.
The fear of cutting into the nail bed (the quick) causing some bleeding is the average dog owner's worst nightmare. So many dogs go to the vet or the groomer instead. But the truth is, even the professionals can cut the quick and cause the nail to bleed now and then. The difference between a pro nicking too far and a dog owner is that the pros don't worry about it. Dogs need to have their nails trimmed every 3 to 4 weeks. Some dogs, like some people, have nails that grow longer and faster so each dog is different. Dogs need to be handled differently depending on their fear level and we will help you with the different techniques we have with our live demonstrations. We've been trimming our own dogs and our clients' dogs' toenails for over 20 years and we want to pass the valuable tips and tricks that we have learned on to you by offering this seminar.
There will be hands-on practice as well as videos. The goal of this seminar is to help build your confidence and take the fear out of this experience for you and for your dog. Being able to trim your dog's toenails also saves you time and money as well but the real benefit is that this also builds trust in your dog once they realize you know what you are doing and are comfortable with this exercise in nail trimming. We've had old dogs come into our kennel limping and the owners don't know why. And the remedy was a simple nail trim. The dogs actually thank us when we make walking less painful with proper nail trims and they do appreciate it. And so will you when you understand the importance of keeping your dog's feet fit and healthy!
After the seminar if you would like to book a private session for you and your dog feel free to talk to our instructors.
Free access to the presentation materials is available for each student after the seminar.
This is a one-day seminar. Because it is a seminar, the tuition applies to EACH PERSON. That is, tuition must be paid for each person attending this seminar.
NO DOGS. We will have dogs here for demonstration purposes. Please do NOT bring your dog to this seminar. We collect your dog's information when you register for this seminar so we can address all of the various issues presented by different breeds.
Prerequisite: None.
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Walk This Way [Walk With Your Dog as Partners]
People start asking us early on in the process of training their new dog how to stop their dog from pulling so hard. This is a common question and most likely you have been asking it too. If so, this intensive is for you.
There are specific things you need to know so you can effectively communicate with your dog and let him know you want him to walk at your side rather than pull you down the street. The things you've already tried have not worked and that is not your fault--they just DON'T WORK!
But don't worry. We have you covered on this topic. We can help you. No matter if your dog is a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, you can guide your dog to walk with you, at your pace (not his), as partners. It's a wonderful thing!
We urge you to sign up for this seminar. We have been through the same things with our dogs that you have been through with yours. We know how you feel. And we can help. I promise!
The first class is 2 hours long. This is by design. We have a lot to cover, you will have a lot of questions, and we will be doing a lot of demonstrations and hands on work with you and your dog. The second and third classes are 1.5 hours long.
All dogs must be current on their vaccines including bordetella (kennel cough) and have a recent fecal (within the last 60 days) with proof of results (the report). No intact dogs over the age of 9 months.
Prerequisite: NONE! We welcome anyone who wants to know how to train their dog to walk calmly on leash to attend this seminar!
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Body Language/Dog Park Seminar [How Much... is TOO Much?]
Have you ever watched a group of dogs interacting and wondered what they were thinking? Have you ever seen dogs interacting and thought it was too intense? Have you ever wondered why dogs do certain things, act a certain way, or repeat certain behaviors? Have you ever asked yourself, "How much is TOO much?" and how can I be sure when play has become inappropriate and I should step in?
You are not alone. These are questions repeated everywhere in the dog world and they are not easy to answer because all dogs are different--just like people. But we can help break that barrier and open the window of knowledge so you can see in. We have been studying dog behavior and dog body language for over two decades. In so doing, we have learned a few things that can help you understand your dog's behavior and body language. We want to share that knowledge with you. It is truly fascinating and mesmerizing and once you see what we see, we think you will be truly amazed at the true "Language of Dog".
There will be videos to watch and photographs to view which will allow you to see dogs in a whole new light. We will take you step by step through the body language world of your dog and explain what happens as dog's communicate. And we will show you the signs and symptoms of a developing dog fight as it happens so you can start to recognize the true potential for harm and injury.
We will also have live dog play to observe and although unpredictable, we will do our best to interpret the dog behavior we see as it happens, live!
This seminar is for people who want a deeper understanding of their dog's communicative nature. We hope you join us as we all learn together.
Please leave your dogs at home unless you are contacted by the instructor and asked to bring your dog with you to the seminar. Thank you.
Prerequisite: NONE! We welcome anyone who wants to know about dog body language to attend this seminar!
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What are your classes like?
Our classes are unlike any training classes you have ever attended! First, there are no guilt trips here. If you are not getting anywhere with your dog, we will not make you feel guilty about it nor will we give up on you! We'll help you! (Unless guilt works for you—then we can do that.) We consider ourselves your puppy coaches. We will also be your biggest cheerleaders and support team. Many clients take our classes three times—the same class! Why is that? We think it's because we never cookie-cut our classes. So, each session is different and that keeps learning and working with your dog more interesting. Of course you and your dog will learn the basics like Sit, Down and Stay. But in our classes, you will learn about your dog! What floats his boat! You will teach your dog how to lie down while you are sitting down having a cup of java, reading a book and living your life! That's what you want isn't it? You will learn to communicate in a way that your dog will understand. You will have a better relationship with your dog when your dog is well trained and we know that, so that is our goal. We help you and your dog develop a healthy relationship. Dogs that have good relationships with their families get to do more things with their families like field trips, little league games, and let's not forget soccer! You may not have a show dog but you can certainly have a SHOW OFF dog! And that's the dog you see in front of all the coffee shops in Seattle—the dog that just lies there, waits patiently for his best friend to finish his latte', accepts petting without embarrassing his owner by jumping all around or barking endlessly. He's the cool dog that everyone wants and the best part is... he's your dog! Hey, here's a perk! At the end of every Star-Barks 101 class, we go on a field trip to Starbucks—dogs included! And it's our treat too! We can't just talk the talk and not walk the walk! So walk with your dog and follow us to Starbucks for a Sit, Down, Stay and have a latte' night where you bring the dog and we buy the latte's!
We try to have a relaxed attitude in our classes and we want our clients to relax and have fun! Learn all the unique and wonderful things your dog has to offer. No dog will fail any class and there is no "test" at the end of the session. We are firm believers that only you can fail your dog and our goal is to not let that happen. The fact that you come to us for six weekly classes in a single session shows your commitment to your dog and makes you a winner! We have had dogs all our lives and we have raised three kids (we're still raising them!). We know the ups and downs of raising a puppy and training a dog, potty training a child while potty training a puppy (very similar, by the way!) all the while trying to live your life and manage your household. We have a unique and humorous take on dog training and raising our families with dogs.
Because of time constraints during classes, some of your questions may not be addressed so we offer free email support to all our currently enrolled students. Your emails will usually be answered on the same day or within 24 hours. We also except phone calls but email seems to be more convenient and quicker.
You will enjoy the classes you attend with us. Puppaccino and Star-Barks classes have free play for the dogs. If a dog is too shy or aggressive, we will offer something positive for him to do during free play so it is still a positive experience. We reserve the right to ask any owner of an aggressive or overly disruptive dog to remove their dog from class. Private lessons are available and we will refer you or help you in any way we can should your dog be unsuitable for group classes. During many of our classes, there will be a second and sometimes a third trainer to help you during class and to answer questions. We find this provides significant teaching coverage and benefits the whole group. We try to keep our class sizes down to no more than 10 - 12 dogs, depending on the class. Some classes will even have less than 10. Our class sizes are very limited. Registering early is always advisable!
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Can children come to class?
We believe training a puppy/dog is a family affair and we love working with kids! We do have limited class size and we do request that toddlers not attend for obvious safety reasons but we welcome children over the age of 6 as long as they are not disruptive and are willing to remain seated in the class room. There are some exercises they are welcome to be part of and some exercises that it's one handler and one dog on the floor and the children need to stay seated. Some exercises are for adults only and the children will need to stay seated and observe. We do not want you to miss out on training your dog because you don't have a babysitter. We do reserve the right to ask that you leave your children at home should they become a distraction to the rest of the class. Please: NO children under age 7 in class. We are a family-friendly environment and we totally understand the need to train the puppy and work with small children. This is best served with a private, in-home lesson if you have toddlers. We raised three children and many dogs together. We understand your struggles. Group classes will serve you best if you can leave the younger children at home and apply what you learn in class once you get back home. We are happy to provide you and our family with a private lesson if you feel your family needs some one-on-one time with a family dog trainer.
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What do I need to bring?
Puppaccino Students: Your puppy should wear a flat buckle collar or limited slip collar to classes. Harnesses are fine as long as your puppy also has a collar. No chain leashes or retractable leads (sometimes referred to as Flexi-leashes) which are not safe for puppy class. Please bring a 4-foot to 6-foot nylon or leather leash. We prefer flat nylon or leather leads and not rounded rope leads.
Star-Barks Students: Please bring any collar, harness or head halter that you have been using on your dog. We prefer to see what you have been using and we may make suggestions for you to try something different. Again, no retractable (Flexi-type) leashes or chain leashes. Please consider bringing along the following:
A small rug or towel for your dog to lie on.
A chew bone (rawhide) or toy as long as it doesn't squeak! This gives your dog something to do while we talk.
Plastic bag for clean up. We hope you won't need them but always come prepared!
Soft treats, not crunchy ones. We have some samples of the treats we use.
Vaccination records. We accept either a current vaccine history or a current titers test for rabies and fecal report from within the last 6 months.
All dogs also need current fecal test results.
Please have these vet records with you the first day of class or send a copy in the mail or by fax (425.984.0149) to avoid taking up class time.
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Special training collars will be provided for sale should your dog require an alternative, along with other helpful training tools.
Please do not feed your dog before you bring him to class. You want your dog to be hungry because a hungry puppy is a more attentive puppy! (The exception to this rule might be a retriever who can become too distracted by food if too hungry. In this case, feeding him his meal prior to class is fine!)
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To contact us:   Phone: 425.482.1057
Fax: 425.984.0249
Mail: PO Box 2569, Woodinville, WA 98072-2569
"we long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults.
heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment."
- george eliot
"if you talk to a man in language he understands it goes to his head,
if you talk to him in his language it goes to his heart."
- nelson mandela
"if you want to build a ship,
don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work,
but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"people are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. forgive them anyway.
if you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. be kind anyway.
if you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. succeed anyway.
if you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you. be honest and sinere anyway.
what you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. create anyway.
if you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. be happy anyway.
the good you do today will often be forgotten. do good anyway.
give the best you have and it will never be enough. give your best anyway.
in the final analysis, it is between you and God. it was never between you and them anyway."
- mother teresa
"we are what we repeatedly do. excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
- aristotle